Premiere | Paddy Hanna, Floor Staff & more appear on ‘Christopher, My Lover’ compilation

Paddy Hanna

Several Irish artists have come together to cover Floor Staff’s ‘Christopher, My Lover’ in celebration of Chris Barry’s birthday, including Paddy Hanna, Fia & more.

Christopher, My Lover compilation is dedicated to producer Chris Barry (Myles Manley, Floor Staff, The Magpies, Ye Vagabonds and Cat Palace), and features tracks from Myles Manley, Floor Staff, Paddy Hanna, Fia (formerly of Bitch Falcon), Bob Gallagher & Paul O’Hare (Participant),Tigers of Tin Pan, Cat Palace, Pierpaulo Vitale (the Magpies) and Ain’t Saint John. The album is dedicated to producer Chris Barry.

Click below to listen to the full ‘Christopher, My Lover’ album.

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