Listen | The Ground Will Shake to release new single ‘The State’


Indie-rock outfit The Ground Will Shake are set to release their latest single ‘The State’ this Friday.

Incorporating shades of Elvis Costello-esque new wave and angular indie-rock, ‘The State’ is a bone-rattling track that showcases the Ground Will Shake’s deft touch with blending pop songwriting with a solid rock ‘n’ roll backbone.

Taken from the group’s self-titled debut (which featured in TLMT Reader’s Top 20 Albums of 2015) ‘The State’ works to showcase the Ground Will Shake as band working on their own terms within the scene and fully in control of their sound.

Click below to listen to The Ground Will Shakes brand new single ‘The State’. The single itself is due out on Friday, March 11th.

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