Playlist | The Last Mixed Tape’s February 2016


The Last Mixed Tape looks back on February with some of the stand-out tracks from the last four weeks. 

Featuring a plethora of tracks that caught TLMT’s eye during the last month, the February 2016 playlist includes music from: I Have A Tribe, Blooms, Slow Skies, Marlene Enright, Beach, Gemma Dunleavy, Bleeding Heart Pigeons, Hazing, Beauty Sleep and more.

Listen to the full playlist at the bottom of the page and see the tracking listing below. For past monthly playlists on TLMT click here.

Track listing:
1. I Have A Tribe – La Neige
2. Blooms – Give Me Up
3. Slow Skies – Winter Night
4. Beauty Sleep – The Dark
5. Fraser Jane – Enough
6. Beach – Donuts
7. Bleeding Heart Pigeons – A Hallucination
8. Ziro & Gemma Dunleavy – Surrender
9. Little Green Cars – Easier Day
10. Robert John Ardiff – The Fall
11. Hazing – Nervous Signals
12. Meltybrains? – Lincoln
13. Hot Cops – Passive Passive
14. VOXX – Glamour Puss
15. Brass Phantoms – City of Wolves
16. Shrug Life – Making Progress
17. My Tribe Your Tribe – Garden Song
18. Orchid Collective – Lay As Stone
19. Kevyn – Scars
20. Extra Fox – Lunar Float
21. Stomptown Brass – My Duchess Has A Heart of Gold
22. No Monster Club – Lemonade
23. Everything Shook – Bed Stain
24. Waiting Space – Warmer
25. Marlene Enright – When The Water Is Hot

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