Listen | Slow Riot re-emerge with the vital ‘Trophy Wife’


Limerick-based post-punk three-piece Slow Riot have unveiled their brand new single ‘Trophy Wife’. 

Slow Riot are a band constantly on the upsurge. Following on from their seminal E.P. Cathedral, the trio have once again added new layers onto their post-punk fueled sound.

Instantly impactful, ‘Trophy Wife’ has the deep toned undercurrent of malaise-aggression that makes Slow Riot’s music feel so insisting and focus grabbing.

It almost seems cliche to say that this is Slow Riot’s “best work to date”, but it honestly is.’Trophy Wife’ is a realization of all the promise the Limerick band have shown to date, and yet it’s not hard to feel like we’re only seeing the very tip of the iceberg. Essential listening.

Click below to listen to ‘Trophy Wife’ by Slow Riot. The single itself is due on April 15th (pre-order). Photo credit: Steve Gullick. 

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