Listen | Orchid Collective release the richly textured ‘Lay As Stone’

Orchid Collective

Orchid Collective have unveiled the densely textured sound of their brand new single ‘Lay As Stone’.

An ambitious track, ‘Lay As Stone’ has both a sonic and melodic depth of field that is truly something to behold.

Woven together by syncopated beats, sudden builds in dynamism and running guitar lines, the song rests upon a bed of ever changing sound that paints a vivid portrait of Orchid Collective’s music.

Melding indie-pop hooks, alternative-folk tinged vocal harmonies and post-rock inflected grandeur, the sound of ‘Lay As Stone’ bodes very well for the group’s future.

Orchid Collective will celebrate the release of ‘Lay As Stone’ with a gig in Whelan’s upstairs venue on Friday, March 11th. For more info visit

Click below to listen to ‘Lay As Stone’ by Orchid Collective. 

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