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Premiere | Everything Shook return with ‘Bed Stain’


The Last Mixed Tape is proud to premiere the brand new music video for ‘Bed Stain’ by Everything Shook. 

Perennial TLMT favorites Everything Shook have returned with the gloriously off-kilter dark-electro sound of ‘Bed Stain’.

Delivered with the deadpan brooding that made their previous record Argento Nights so compelling to listen to, ‘Bed Stain’ is a much fuller darker picture of Everything Shook’s sound, one that is filled with tensely twisting synths and hypnotic vocals.

What’s more, ‘Bed Stain’ isn’t different for the sake of different. It’s different because of the people who made it. Everything Shook make music through know one else’s filter but their own and that is something to celebrate. If ‘Bed Stain’ is an oddity, then it’s a beautiful one.

Click below to watch the music video for ‘Bed Stain’ by Everything Shook. The single itself is out now via bandcamp. Photo credit: Laura Sheeran.

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