Listen | Shrug Life talk politics on ‘Making Progress’

Shrug Life - Band Promo Shot 2015 - Imgur

Indie-pop three-piece Shrug Life have unveiled the political pop sound of their brand new track ‘Making Progress’.

Following the cutting “lost generation” satire of their debut E.P. The Grand Stretch, few bands are better placed to send-up Ireland’s current election.

Imbued with trio’s snap-shot indie-pop sound, that throws as many hooks at the listener as humanly possible within the confines of a 3 minute single, ‘Making Progress’ also contains the essential to-the-bone satire that sets Shrug Life apart.

“A country built on, brown envelops, golden handshakes and blue-blooded hopes” rings the chorus, delivering a hard-truth with punchy indie-pop precision.

Click below to listen to listen to Shrug Life’s brand new single ‘Making Progress’. The single itself is out now via

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