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Watch | Bantum & Loah collaborate on ‘Take It’

Take It Cover

Take It Cover

Electronic artist Bantum has made his return with a brand new track featuring Loah called ‘Take It’.

‘Take It’ is full of space and rhythm. With Loah’s vocal twisting and warping harmonically over Bantum’s inventive, yet spartan, production the song has atmosphere to burn.

The sense of room found within ‘Take It’ is mirrored in the single’s accompanying video. Featuring a physically contorting solo dance performance from Laura Sarah Dowdall, the video’s “city at night” visuals match the urban emptiness of the music and Loah’s intensely expressive voice.

Click below to watch the music video for ‘Take It’ by Bantum & Loah. 

Video Credit:
Directed by Peter O’Brien & Produced by Motherland.
Dancer: Laura Sarah Dowdall.
Choreographer: Laura Sarah Dowdall.
Thumbnail art by Shane O’Driscoll.
Photo ref: Julenochek

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