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Press Play | Cat’s Eyes release the epic ‘Chameleon Queen’


Psych-opera duo Cat’s Eyes have released their brand new single, the full-scale epic ‘Chameleon Queen’. 

A Bona Fide musical blockbuster, Cat’s Eyes new single ‘Chameleon Queen’ is certainly not short on ambition.

A collaborative project from Faris Badwan (the Horrors) and Canadian operatic singer Rachael Zeffira, Cat’s Eyes sound is a big unwieldy thing. Part retro psychedelia, part opera their music is truly individual.

‘Chameleon Queen’ is as far-reaching and ambitious a track as your likely to see, and for that Cat’s Eyes have outlined themselves as something very interesting indeed.

Click below to listen to ‘Chameleon Queen’ by Cat’s Eyes. The single’s parent album ‘Treasure House’ is set for release on June 3rd via RAF records. Check out TLMT’s full Press Play Spotify playlist below, to subscribe click – here

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