Listen | Daithí remixes Elm’s ‘Amends’

Elm promo

Electronic producer Daithí has recently remixed ‘Amends’, the latest single from alternative-pop act Elm.

A stylistic departure from Elm’s sound, Daithí’s remix of ‘Amends’ pulls out elements of the track’s structure and surrounds them in an electronic soundscape of beats and rhythmical synth melodies.

Throughout the remix, Daithí expands ‘Amends’ is a drastically different direction and provides another look on the source material.

Speaking about his take on Elm’s latest single, Daithí says: “I heard Elm’s track Amends a while ago, and was blown away by the amount of feeling in the vocal. When I started remixing the track, I wanted to keep that frail feeling in there, while adding a whole pile of strength in the bass tones. I was really struck by some of the phrases in the track, and I wanted to repeat some of them throughout the remix, something I think is really effective in dance music; it tends to make certain phrases really profound when you have a simple beat and melody underneath them.”

Click below to listen to Daithí’s remix of ‘Amends’ by Elm.

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