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Watch | Ross Breen returns with ‘One Last Kiss’

Ross Breen

Ross Breen

Singer-songwriter Ross Breen has made his return with the brand new single ‘One Last Kiss’. 

With it’s persistent plinking piano intro to the sudden sonic opening of the curtains, Ross Breen’s latest single meanders between intensity.

One minute the track sounds like a gospel call and the next a quite minimalist ballad. All of which bodes well for Breen’s upcoming album, New Born Vibrancy. 

An interesting mix of traditional, gospel and full-blown pop production ‘One Last Kiss’ is the sound of an artist swinging for the fences with his next record. How this will turn out remains to be seen, but for now ‘One Last Kiss’ gets things off to a sure-footed start.

Click below to watch the music video for ‘One Last Kiss’ by Ross Breen. The single itself is available now via iTunes.

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