Listen | Ex Grace deliver vibrant pop with ‘Things Unseen’

Ex Grace Things in Unison

Ex Grace Things in Unison

Irish synth-pop duo Ex Grace have released their brand new jazz and R&B-infused single ‘Things Unseen’.

A melting pot of pop songwriting, ‘Things Unseen’ is a stylistically broad new single taken from Ex Grace’s current album Human In Unison.

Filled with vivid synth-pop production, quick change skipping melodies, slight touches of jazz and an R&B feel, Ex Grace valiantly avoid overbaking their sound with too many ingredients.

Upbeat, and totally committed to its pop roots ‘Things Unseen’ embraces its light-hearted sound to the fullest and makes the most out it.

Click below to listen to Ex Grace’s brand new single ‘Things Unseen’. The song’s parent album ‘Human In Unison’ is out now. 

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