Listen | New Valley Wolves release new single ‘Eyes On Me’

New Valley Wolves

Rock ‘N’ Roll duo New Valley Wolves have unveiled their brand new single, ‘Eyes On Me’. 

Upfront, strong back-boned rock ‘n’ roll is without a doubt New Valley Wolves milieu. From guitar riff which have more than a bit of grit underneath their fingernails to thumping beats ‘Eyes On Me’ runs the gamut.

An aggressive blend of blues and rock ‘n’ roll, New Valley Wolves sound finds its centre in the limitations of the group’s minimal line-up (two-piece).

Taking their musical influences by the scruff, the duo fill out the sonic spectrum with growling noise and full-on vocals leaving you in little doubt of their power and ability as a band. And ‘Eyes On Me’ does all of this with considerable aplomb.

Click below to listen to ‘Eyes On Me’ by New Valley Wolves. The song currently available to download for FREE via soundcloud.

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