Press Play | The Casket Girls – Western World

the Casket Girls

A new playlist series to the Last Mixed Tape, Press Play will bring readers TLMT’s take on new music outside of Ireland. 

The first track in TLMT’s Press Play playlist comes from American eerie-pop three-piece the Casket Girls with ‘Western World’.

Taken from the group’s recent split E.P. What Keeps You Up At Night (out now via Graveface Records) with Oklahoma-based indie-rock group Stardeath & White Dwarfs, ‘Western World’ is a kaleidoscope of dream-pop drifting and electronic wonder.

Performed with hazy harmony and awash with noise, the Casket Girls keep focus with their intertwined vocals cutting through the vast collage of sound. Essential listening.

Click below to listen to the Casket Girls ‘Western World’. Subscribe to TLMT’s ‘International Mixed-Tape’ Spotify playlist – here. A new track will be added every week. 

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