Listen | Ivy Nations release synth-funk barnstormer ‘You Are The Centre Of Me’

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Ivy Nations have returned with the vivid synth and funk driven new single ‘You Are The Centre Of Me’.

A big, bold slice of unadulterated pop music, Ivy Nations new single is the kind of track that is so confident in it’s own infectious hooks and funky rhythms that it’s just a pure joy to listen to.

Nothing is held back, Ivy Nations turn the pop songwriting all the way up to eleven from the start and leave it there until it’s synth-pop styled finish.

The type of track that defines the term “genre record” in the best possible way, ‘You Are The Centre Of Me’ is the sound of Ivy Nations enjoying the music they make, which in turn makes us enjoy listening to it  in return.

Click below to listen to Ivy Nations latest single, ‘You Are The Centre Of Me‘. 

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