Listen | Paddy Hanna reveals b-side ‘Choclate and Salt’

Paddy Hanna

Paddy Hanna has unveiled ‘Chocolate and Salt’, the b-side to his upcoming single ‘Underprotected’. 

A much more rhythmically based track, the flip-side to Paddy Hanna’s new single provides a bouncier take on the artist’s sound.

Performed with a pop and spring in it’s step ‘Chocolate and Salt’ is the quintessential b-side. Taking the grand textural thrills that make ‘Underprotected’, the song marks out it’s own quirkier path and shows another side to Paddy Hanna as a songwriter.

Click below to listen to ‘Chocolate and Salt’. Pre-order the ‘Underprotected’ single release on 7″ vinyl via bandcamp

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