Listen | Cian Nugent streams new track ‘Things Don’t Change That Fast’

Cian Nugent

Dublin songwriter Cian Nugent has unveiled ‘Things Don’t Change That Fast’, the first single to be taken from his forthcoming album Night Fiction

The first track from Cian Nugent to feature the artist’s lead vocal stylings and it’s honestly surprising that the acclaimed guitarist hasn’t brought this aspect of his music to the fore before now.

Fitting perfectly into the Mac Demarco-esque (with a hint of Kurt Vile) production and weaving guitar based backdrop of the track itself, Nugent’s voice deflty tip-toes over the music and gives a real emotional weight to the song itself.

A very exciting new sound and direction from Cian Nugent, ‘Things Don’t Change That Fast’ is a gently set introduction to the songwriter’s upcoming L.P.

Click below to the latest track from Cian Nugent, ‘Things Don’t Change That Fast’. The single is out now via iTunes while its parent album Night Fiction is due out on January 29th. 

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