Listen | Hawk take aim at Irish abortion laws with ‘Once Told’

Once Told

Once Told

Alternative-rock four-piece Hawk have released a new song entitled ‘Once Told’ that takes aim at Ireland’s current abortion laws.

‘Once Told’ is a song about struggle told through jolting, dragging aggressive beats and reaching vocals. With its lyrics finding their root in Ireland’s abortion laws, the track is as pointed as it is brooding.

Indeed, Hawk find the link between protest and personally driven music. ‘Once Told’ feels, and sounds, like a song that needed to be written by the band and comes from a place of honest frustration and anger.

An interesting insight into the tone and overall sound of Hawk’s forthcoming E.P. (due out in the Spring of next year), ‘Once Told’ is the sign of a band focused and with something to say.

Click below to listen to Hawk’s brand new single ‘Once Told’. The single itself is due for release on the 19th of February 2016. 

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