Little Xs For Eyes interview – Q&A

Indie-pop band Little Xs For Eyes will be making an appearance at this weekend’s Interlude festival at the RHA gallery alongside Paddy Hanna, R.S.A.G & more. Band member Bennie Reilly recently took the time to talk to TLMT about the group’s latest album Everywhere Else and LXFE’s future plans.

Everywhere Else has been out in the world for a couple of months now. How do you feel about the reception the record received?

The reception has been really positive in terms of reviews , praise and on-line coverage – I still think not enough people have heard it though, I want more people to hear it!!

For you, what was the biggest difference between your debut ‘S.A.D’, and this record?

We were pretty much a different band when we made S.A.D. – different influences and different band members, so there are many differences really. I suppose the biggest could be that Everywhere Else is much more electronic and synth driven than S.A.D.

Listening to the track ‘Logical Love’ has a disco feel, while other tracks draw indie, pop & other genres. What were you listening to at the time of making the L.P?

Metronomy, Chairlift, Future Islands – a lot of synth-heavy pop. Some of the more mutual musical loves within the band like Talking Heads and Paul Simon would have had an influence too.

What’s your favorite track to play live?

‘Logical Love’ is always a fun one to play and usually gets the crowd dancing but my personal favorite is ‘Disko Bay’, we usually close or open the set with this, it’s long and atmospheric with a lot of instrumental parts, it’s one of the only songs we play where I get the opportunity to wig out a bit on stage.

Although ‘Everwhere Else’ has just been released have LXFE been working on a new material since?

There is new material at the ready but we’ll be keeping the focus on the current album for a while longer.

What do the band have planned for the future?

More gigging…details of which we’ll be announcing soon.

Tickets for Interlude festival at the RHA this October 23rd to 25th are priced at €10 and are on sale now from

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