Listen | Gangs go synth-pop with new track ‘It’s All U’ featuring the Loraine Club


Gangs further their current major sea change in sound with the song ‘It’s All U’ featuring Dublin two-piece the Loraine Club.

In what is the most clear-cut departure in sound from Gangs latest batch of D.I.Y inspired recordings, ‘It’s All U’ finds the Dublin band shedding their indie-rock roots in favor of a more synth-pop inflected feel.

Collaborating with the Loraine Club, this new tracks is by far one of the most interesting tracks the group have released in terms of style and production.

Almost unrecognizable from their past work, the slow rhythmically based hooks of ‘It’s All U’ is an incredibly infectious and bold release from Gangs, and one that alludes to an opening in outlook and influences from the four-piece. What this means for the future is very interesting indeed.

Click below to listen to ‘It’s All U’ from Gangs featuring the Loraine Club. For the complete Gangs’ song-a-day for a week series visit their soundcloud page – here.  

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