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Track Premiere | Variant Sea stream debut track ‘River Sallows’

Shell & Luke
Shell & Luke

The Last Mixed Tape is proud to bring readers ‘River Sallows’, the debut track from ambient post-rock duo Variant Sea. 

A serene, gently set song with an undercurrent of harmonically rich guitar work, ‘River Sallows’ plays with all the emotive movement and trysts of a film score. Coupled with the texturally humming backdrop and twinkling piano melodies, the track has a sadness to it, buried deep within the notes.

Finding their own take on post-rock, Variant Sea are part Eno, part Mogwai but mostly themselves. Forgoing to more bombastic traits of the genre, Luke Duffy (piano) and Shell Dooley (guitars) work to evoke meaning through mood and tone, patiently building the tension in a nuanced way.

A subtle introduction to a welcome, and tranquil, addition to the Irish post-rock scene, with ‘River Sallows’ Variant Sea deliver a debut that is big on scope and substance.

Click below to listen to ‘River Sallows’ by Variant Sea, taken from their debut E.P. which is due out on October 6th.


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