Listen | Check out Million Little Gods debut track ‘Dot the Shores’

Dot the Shores

Dot the Shores

Dublin-based indie-folk trio Million Little Gods have unveiled their debut single ‘Dot the Shores’, taken from their upcoming album. 

With its scratchy textures, indie-folk atmospherics and glistening chimes of musicality ‘Dot the Shores’ is a self-assured first outing from Million Little Gods.

The production of ‘Dot the Shores’ is one of ambition, a definite mood is being created and the cinematic scope of the music compliments that. And while the slight anthemic clichés that appear here and there in the track slightly distract the large-scale dynamism of it more than makes up for this.

A big ambitious indie-folk track, interspersed with pop leanings ‘Dot the Shores’ is a confident introduction to Million Little Gods that hints at a serious amount of potential in its craft and style.

Click below to listen to ‘Dot the Shores’, the new single from Million Little Gods. 

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