Anderson to launch ‘Patterns’ album in Tower Records


Chamber-pop Songwriter Anderson will launch his brand new album Patterns with an intimate show in Tower Records this Saturday. 

The singer-songwriter will mark the release of his new solo L.P. this weekend with an appearance at the Dublin-based record shop at lunchtime on Saturday, September 19th.

Patterns is an intimate portrayal of Anderson as an artist. Filled with small, handmade moments the album runs from different styles and moods in a way that feels natural to the songwriting, with the track ‘The Existentential Vaccum’ being a particular highlight. See The Last Mixed Tape’s complete review – here.

Admission to Anderson’s live Patterns album launch at Tower Records this Saturday, September 18th is FREE. The album itself will be released this Friday, September 18th on CD and limited edition vinyl, (pre-order available now).

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