Watch | Meltybrains? release new video for ‘The Vine’

Meltybrains? (Photo by Eve North Photography)

Meltybrains? have released their latest music video for the single ‘The Vine’, taking on a much more colourful and playful tone. 

Directed by Louise Gaffney, the video for ‘The Vine’ sees a clear change-up from Meltybrains? previous work. Much like the song itself, Gaffney’s visuals are more vivid and vibrant with the group having more fun with the light-heartedness of the shoot.

A fun accompaniment to a song that does mark a different take on Meltybrains? sound. ‘The Vine’ is certainly as musical and individual as the tracks such as ‘Donegal’ but there seems to be a bit more to it than that, indeed the group’s latest single finds the group in total control of their music, showcasing the ability to twist the mood and tone of it all in any direction they choose.

Click below to watch the video for ‘The Vine’ by Meltybrains?. The single itself is out now via ITunes, Spotify and Amazon

Video Credits:
Directed by Louise Gaffney

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