TLMT: Out of Tape – Sexism in Music

The first in a new series of music based vlogs from the Last Mixed Tape, this episode of TLMT: Out of Tape talks about sexism in music.

TLMT: Out of Tape is a new addition to the website, where I hope to open a dialog on specific subjects that effect the Irish music scene and the industry as a whole.

In this edition of the series we talk about the inherent sexism that permeates throughout not only the Irish music industry but also the global one, and is inspired by Annie Mac’s recent article for Thump (read here) and Mark Kermode’s vlog called ‘Screening Sexism’ (watch here).

Subscribe to the Last Mixed Tape’s Youtube channel here, and join in the discussion by commenting in the section below.The video was filmed and edited by the Sound Feed.  

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