Listen | Bouts return with new track, ‘Missteps’


Dublin indie four-piece Bouts return with a brand new track ‘Missteps’, taken from the group’s forthcoming E.P. due out next year. 

Infused with the band melodic indie-pop sensibilities ‘Missteps’ is a very welcome return from the Dublin band. Filled to the brim with hook after hook the song swaps and changes out catchy guitar and vocal lines with ease, making for infectious listen from beginning to end.

‘Missteps’ is a joy to listen to, plain and simple. The song bounces along and really showcases the craft behind Bouts music in terms of songwriting, every section of the song leads to the next seamlessly while still maintaining the uptempo pop feel of the track.

It’s always exciting to hear new music from Bouts, especially when it’s as unapologetically fun to listen to as ‘Missteps’ is, we can only hope the upcoming E.P. matches such a great introduction.

Click below to listen to the brand new song from Bouts, entitled ‘Missteps’. The song’s parent E.P. is due for release in January 2016. 

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