Listen | Check out ‘Take’ the debut track from Lakerama

Lakerama (Photo credit: Allie Glynn)

Limerick-based producer Graeme S and Shookrah vocalist Senita Appiakarong are collaborating a new project called Lakerama. 

Filled with scattershot beats and big washes of organ, ‘Take’ makes for a sonically rewarding listen. Vibrant to its core, there seems to creative zeal to the music of Lakerama, that spans every corner of their sound.

This is especially seen in how Senita’s vocal fits so calmly into the bustling backdrop of the track. Her soulful voice feels part of the production and deeply engrained in Graeme S’ powerful mosaic of bouncing electro-pop.

A collaboration that seems perfectly set, Lakerama is an exciting new project. How ‘Take’ will play within the context of their forthcoming debut E.P. remains to be seen, but it does provide a compelling insight.

Click below to listen to ‘Take’ the debut track from brand new electronic duo Lakerama, taken from their forthcoming E.P. ONE

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