Listen | Check out Jonny Rep’s new single ‘Spine’


Cork-based alternative-rock band Jonny Rep have released their brand new single ‘Spine’ via FIFA Records.

A whistling, mesh of alternative-rock guitar and slight grunge inflections ‘Spine’ is a bone-rattling new offering from Jonny Rep.

Filled with tangled melodies and pushing drum beats the song moves atop a bed of clashing harmonic sound, on which the vocal wistfully meanders around the growling production.

A formidable and stylized single form Jonny Rep, ‘Spine’ works as a throw-back to the mid-nineties alternative-rock and the grounded malaise that dominated it, making for a hypnotic listen throughout.

Click below to listen to the new single from Jonny Rep, entitled ‘Spine’. The song is available to download via iTunes

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