Listen | Check out ‘Shimmerings’ from Bear Worship

Bear Worship

Electronic artist Bear Worship unveils his synth-pop inflected debut single, entitled ‘Shimmerings’.

With a wide-open production that moves in great washes of synth textures and fuzzing melodies the backdrop is everything the song’s title suggests.

Big on ambition, and constantly looking to evolve and change direction the song is a compelling listen from start to finish, as it carries across its varied stylistic flourishes in a well-crafted way.

At it’s heart however is Bear Worship’s voice. Reaching and soaring between each note, the vocalist high-toned vocal takes centre stage and finds a way to merge with the production of the track itself, becoming almost another added texture to the already rich tapestry of sound on display.

A promising introduction to Bear Worship, ‘Shimmerings’ is a fully realised debut that makes a striking first impression. It will interesting to hear more from the artists as he continues.

Click below to listen to Bear Worship’s latest track, ‘Shimmerings’. 

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