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Listen | TLMT Podcast Ep. 20 – Kate vs. the Glitter Bomb

Pins Band Manchester

Pins Band Manchester

This week Steve reviews Pins, the North Sea & more, previews Body&Soul 2015, waits on a star to fall and admits to “not hating” Carly Rae Jepsen. Meanwhile, Kate has a run in with a Glitter Bomb.  

Episode 20 of the TLMT Podcast features: a countdown of the Last Mixed Tape’s 20 must see acts at Body & Soul 2015 (8 – 26.25 mins) including Katie Kim, SOAK, Carriages & more, Steve answers the “PR question” for the readers, as well as a new International album review feature.

International album:
Pins – Wild Nights (29 mins)

Irish albums:
The North Sea – Anniversary (32.20 mins)
Columbia Mills –The Perfect Day (35.55 mins)

Let’s Set Sail – Five of Trumps/Leon (41 mins)
King Kong Company – Space Hopper (44.25 mins)
The Frames – None But I (45.50 mins)

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