Listen | Kobina remixes Lyttet’s ‘Distance’

Electronic producer Kobina has revealed his own take on Lyttet’s ‘Distance’ (a previous addition to the Mixed-Tape).

Keeping the serene, calming nature of the original Kobina (a.k.a Sean Arthur) works to bring the rhythmical undercurrent of the track to the fore in his remix.

Bringing his own outlook to the table, Arthur gives ‘Distance’ a more bolder dynamic landscape with sudden popping flourishes of glitching rhythm and imposing beats, resulting in a propellent sound that constantly pushes the song forward.

Throughout his remix of ‘Distance’, Kobina finds a way to imbue himself into the dream like sound of Lyttet while also delivering a distinctly different take on the music itself. Indeed, resulting in the perfect fit of band and remix artist.

Peadar from Lyttet is very happy about the results of working with Kobina : “We’re so happy with what Sean did. He reworked the track exactly the way I hoped he would and it was so simple working with him. The space of time from getting in touch with him to having a finished remix in our inbox was literally around 5 days, he works very quickly”.

Click below to listen to Kobina’s remix of ‘Distance’ by Lyttet. The track is available to download via soundcloud

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