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Erase It

Erase It

A monthly feature to the Last Mixed Tape, here we look back at some of the stand-out tracks released or reviewed on T.L.M.T this May.

May 2015 was a busy month in Irish indie music. Over a packed four weeks TLMT reviewed new albums from Fight Like Apes, Young Wonder, the Eskies & more, while also reviewing new singles and E.P’s from Paddy Hanna, I’m Your Vinyl, Blades Club and the North Sea amongst others.

Listen to the The Last Mixed Tape’s May 2015 at the end of the page, and check out some of the songs that made the month such a stand-out couple of weeks for Irish music. See full track listing below.

TLMT May Playlist 2015:
I’m Your Vinyl – Erase It
Paddy Hanna – Austria
Young Wonder – Sweet Dreaming
Ódú – Different
Cut Once – Forget About the World
Blades Club – Au Revoir
The North Sea – Decay
Bitch Falcon – Breed
Daag Hur – Buried My Head
Fierce Mild – Equal People
The Witch Trials – Wonderland
Rocstrong – Hold Yah
Fight Like Apes – Crouching Bees
Tomorrows – Free
We, The Oceanographers – Same Old Story
Joey Gavin – Disappear
Charlie Bronson – Same Ol’ Same Old
The Eskies – Fever
Mongoose – Can I See You Tonight
Flecks – Objects of Desire

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