Listen | Daithí remixes Tell No Foxx track ‘Dust’



Electronic producer Daithí has unveiled his new remix of Tell No Foxx’s brand new single ‘Dust’.

Providing a truly different take on Tell No Foxx’s current single, which debuted here on TLMT last month, Daithí’s re-imagining of ‘Dust’ adds a palpable undercurrent of house inflected pops and clicks to the atmospheric brooding at the core of the track.

While still maintaining the moody, introspectiveness of the original version Daithi’s remix injects new flourishes of house into the broad icy landscapes of Tell No Foxx’s sound.

Remixes can often just rehash or haphazardly ignore the sound of its parent track, however Daithi’s take on ‘Dust’ (and indeed Tell No Foxx’s music) is exactly that, a different way of looking and interpreting the song. And it is one that works well to separate, but not sever its ties to the original.

Click below to listen to Daithí’s remix of ‘Dust’ by Tell No Foxx. The remix itself is available now via. 

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