Listen | Check out Rocstrong’s new track ‘Hold Yah’


Electric funk artist Rocstrong has released his brand new single ‘Hold Yah’, the songwriter’s third to date. 

Rocstrong’s third single is full-blooded funk track tinged with gritty indie-rock guitar and clattering rhythmical beats. Vibrant one more moment and performed with a growl the next ‘Hold Yah’ is simply infectious to listen to.

Indeed, throughout the track Rocstrong absorbs a stunning array of interlinked genres such as reggae, R&B, hip-hop and indie music to create something vivid and inviting.

A fun, uptempo single from a very promising artist, ‘Hold Yah’ is perfect example of intermingling sounds and musical styles all coming together to create something new and refreshing.

Click below to listen to Rocstrong’s brand new single ‘Hold Yah’. 

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