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Watch | Simon MacHale – If I Cannot Have You (feat. Annette Buckley)

Electro-folk artist Simon MacHale has released his new music video for the song ‘If I Cannot Have You’, featuring Annette Buckley.

Directed by Bob Gallagher the video follows two mice living together in a dolls house, once again showcasing Gallagher incredible ability to convey humanistic emotions from surreal or natural visuals/narratives.

Although the characters are motionless, the directors moving camera work, subtle editing and Marie Denham’s beautiful production design (coupled with Joan Mythen’s wonderfully crafted Dolls House) all bring the story to heartbreaking life.

Scored by Simon MacHale’s emotive, yet soulful, electro-folk sound and the longing tone of ‘If I Cannot Have You’ the pairing of both the music and the visuals work together powerfully, resulting in a compelling viewing and listening experience.

Click above to watch the music video for Simon MacHale’s new single ‘If I Cannot Have You’ (feat. Annette Buckley). 

Directed by Bob Gallagher
Production Design by Marie Denham.
Dolls House by Joan Mythen
Special thanks to Paula Mythen, and Daniel Butler.

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