Maud In Cahoots at ‘Culture Vultures’ – Odessa Club

Maud and Zoe Ní Riordáin

Culture Vultures returned to the Odessa Club last Wednesday night with alternative-pop outfit Maud In Cahoots closing the show with a compelling live set.

Having seen Maud In Cahoots in several different live guises, dating back to the first time seeing sisters Maud & Zoe Reardon perform as a string based acoustic two-piece in 2013 to their recent stand-out full-band performance at last year’s HWCH festival.

Things have changed considerably since then for Maud In Cahoots. Having seen the group’s continued search for their own self-contained sound, it was particularly gratifying to see just how stylised and texturally cohesive they have become during their set at this month’s Culture Vultures.

A more prominent synth-pop inflected sound has now found its way into Maud In Cahoots music. Giving a rich backdrop for vocalist Maud Reardon to work with in terms of live performance. In this way, the band were able to create a sense of dynamism to the changing moods and emotions found within songs themselves.

With a broadened palette to choose from sonically, songs such as ‘She’s an Actress’ now have an added weight to them that fully realises the aspirations conveyed in the group’s earlier output.

Although Wednesday night’s set at the Odessa Club was just a mere glimpse into how much the Maud In Cahoot’s have evolved, it was a compelling experience. And with the band’s new single ‘Greatest Achievement’ (also performed on the night) out next Friday it will be interesting to hear how their live sound mirrors their studio work.

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