Cloud Castle Lake – The Workman’s Club

Cloud Castle Lake

Dublin electronic three-piece Cloud Castle Lake took to the stage to headline the Workman’s Club in Dublin last Friday night, and TLMT was there to review the show.

There is an all-encompassing nature to Cloud Castle Lake’s music that takes on another dimension live. And although it took a couple of tracks for the group to grab hold of this sound and atmosphere, once they did hit their stride the gig itself grew into a completely gratifying experience.

Constructing and layering the harmonic and percussive backdrop that made their debut E.P. Dandelion so affecting, Cloud Castle Lake created a live show that simply exuded musicality and delivers on every expectation that may have proceeded them before hand.

Indeed Cloud Castle Lake’s sound even when performed in a live context still carries with it the same weight as the studio recordings. Rhythmically insisting and texturally vast the group’s music filled every corner of the Dublin venue.

There is a connection and reverence that sometimes take place, when a live gig becomes so engrossing that it turns into one great experience shared between these two perspectives of artist and audience. In the Workman’s Club last Friday night that connection was apparent as I looked back from the front of the venue to a crowd all gazing forward to the stage, mostly silent, in appreciation of what was taking place before them.

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