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WATCH | Meltybrains? – Oh Earth (Live in The Pepper Canister Church)

Meltybrains? (Photo by Eve North Photography)

Meltybrains? have unveiled footage of the group performing a new, previously unreleased track entitled ‘Oh Earth’ live.

Filmed during the group’s recent headline show at the Pepper Canister Church in Dublin, the video documents a gig wherein both the band, the crowd and the venue itself merge into one whole living environment cast in bright flashes of coloured light and deep shadow.

Set to a high-pitched ambient piano notes and brooding drum beat undercut by sudden blasts of electronic melody the large-scale sound of ‘Oh Earth’ is dramatic and greatly realized.

Capturing the imagination from the outset the performance runs the spectrum from slight echoing repose to full-on crackling synth driven intensity, perfectly conveying why the Meltybrains? live experience is such a highly anticipated and talked about prospect.

Click above to watch Meltybrains? perform ‘Oh Earth’ live at the Pepper Canister Church in Dublin.

Filmed by Bob Gallagher, Deirdre O’ Toole and Peter Madden
Live visuals by Slipdraft
Recorded by James Feeney

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