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Columbia Mills – The Workman’s Club

Columbia Mills

Indietronica act Columbia Mills played to a packed crowed at the Workman’s Club in Dublin last Saturday night.

Through the reverb soaked guitars of ‘Never Gonna Look At You The Same’ to the brooding, fizzling synths of ‘Headlights’ Columbia Mills sound and presence dominated the venue, and the crowd, from start to finish.

Standing within the bustling Workman’s Club audience, all of whom’s attention was transfixed on the stage, it becomes instantly clear just how stylised and big Columbia Mills sound is when preformed live.

With the duo’s debut E.P. Factory Settings being a moody, widescreen take on the indietronica genre, the group’s live performance transforms this ambience into some more visceral, rhythmical and gratifying.

What was so thrilling about the enclosed atmosphere of Saturday night’s gig was the sheer energy and captivated mood the emanated from the crowd back to the stage. Caught in the glaring flashes of bright lights, the audience reacted to every jump and crash from the band dynamically. Resulting in a show that teamed with excitement.

Columbia Mills are a band on the cusp of expanding both in terms of profile and venue. Last weekend’s intimate environment of the Workman’s Club proved they could create something special in a club setting, but also alluded to a more large-scale ambition. One that they are more than capable of achieving.

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