Listen | Check out Young Wonder’s new single ‘Enchanted’

Young Wonder (Photographed by Sarah Doyle)

Following the unveiling of the brilliant ‘Intergalactic’, Cork electronic duo Young Wonder are now streaming their new single ‘Enchanted’.

Filled with the duo’s distinct take on the electro-pop genre, ‘Enchanted’ pops and clicks with rhythms and sudden bursts of synth elements.

Containing Young Wonder’s wide-open electronic production, the single blends a myriad of vivid and vibrant multifaceted sounds that give the song an ever-evolving backdrop for the vocal to sit above and merge itself into.

Keeping a cohesive thread between ‘Enchanted’ and ‘Intergalactic’, Young Wonder create a sound that incredibly immersive. Capturing the imagination from beginning to end, the pair’s new single is yet another self-assured step in the right direction.

Click below to listen to the brand new single from Young Wonder, ‘Enchanted’. The song itself is out this Monday, March 16th.

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