Inni-K – The King Has Two Horses Ears

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The Last Mixed Tape takes a look at indie-folk artist Inni-K’s much-anticipated debut album The King Has Two Horses Ears.

Starting with the syncopated percussive zeal that will come to form the core of The King Has Two Horses Ears, ‘Flower Relay’ works to set the vibrant mood of Inni-K’s debut.

Filled with brash musicianship one moment (‘Come With Me’) and tempered with reflective repose the next (‘Hold Tight’) Inni-K crafts a dynamic light and shade to The King Has Two Horses Ears that keeps the album feeling progressive throughout. While also finding the right balance between the different musical and stylistic flourishes that populate the album.

However, there are times when it feels like Inni-K is lapsing back into more safe, loop based structures found in ‘Find Your Beat. It is in these moments that the construction of the music becomes too apparent in comparison to the more subtle songwriting of ‘Come With Me’, leaving these moments feeling regressive.

Behind this musical and dynamic interchanging, there seems to be a personal and honest lyricism to the record that permeates throughout, with songs like ‘DNA’ and ‘Hold Tight’ sounding steeped in memory and intent.

Born out of a rural, tactile take on the indie-folk genre The King Has Two Horses Ears is a vivid fusion of genre blending rhythms and sounds. A bold, fully shaped debut album, Inni-K’s first full-length record is as self-assured and well-crafted as anything you’re likely to hear this year. An affirming listen.

Rating: 8/10

The King Has Two Horses Ears by Inni-K is out now.

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