Elephant – Little Ghost

Dundalk-based singer-songwriter Elephant has unveiled the new music video for this latest single ‘Little Ghost’.

Featuring eerie intently held close-ups that stay with the viewer from beginning to end, the video for ‘Little Ghost’ makes great use of make-up and lighting to create a compelling visual to accompany Elephant’s slow-burning, atmospheric songwriting.

The first song to be taken from Elephant’s much-anticipated debut album HyperGiant, ‘Little Ghost’ is a softly conveyed piece of songwriting that uses the musician’s stunning vocal performance to portray the feeling and mood behind the music.

Containing singular crashes of rhythm sitting on a bed of glistening textures, a harmonically weaving and spacious background supports the overall sound of ‘Little Ghosts’ through deftly handled production.

A very exciting glimpse into an artist on the verge of something very special indeed, it will be interesting to hear how Elephant continues this strong artistic thread throughout his upcoming first full-length album HyperGiant.

Click above to watch the music video for ‘Little Ghost’ by Elephant. The single itself is out now via weareelephants.com.

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