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Stu Daly – The Kingsford Session

Folk singer-songwriter Stu Daly makes a lasting impression with his new E.P. The Kingsford Session.

‘St. Anthony’ bounds in with a loose, jangling traditional sound that introduces the overall feel The Kingsford Session, with the slight edges of folk-pop elements of Stu Daly’s songwriting becoming more prominent as the E.P continues.

Creating a “live in your room” aesthetic, the production of the record achieves in creating closeness to the music, resulting in tracks like ‘My Body’s Broken Down’ having a subtle but effective musicality to them that moves easily from each vocal and string harmony.

Indeed, the strongest characteristic to The Kingsford Session is the natural rapport Stu Daly and his band have when performing. This essential feature to the E.P. establishes a cohesiveness through each of the four tracks and as the final piano driven ballad ‘The Dead of Night’ the intimate, solitary lyrics and sound of the song feel earned and crafted.

The strong thread of pop sensibility that lines the backbone of The Kingsford Session holds from start to finish, bringing the traditional aspect of the music into a more relevant sound. Although there are times during the E.P. when it seems a rougher, grittier element could have elevated the feel of the piece into some more emotive and sonically interesting territory.

The Kingsford Session works as a strong genre record from Stu Daly. Although the music itself won’t ruffle any feathers in terms of its ambition and take on the trad-pop scene, the E.P. does what it sets out to do through a warm organic sound and simply conveyed songwriting.

Rating: 7/10

The Kingsford Session by Stu Daly is out now.

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