Listen | Check out Jape’s latest track ‘Seance of Light’


Jape has unveiled a new track from The Chemical Sea (due for release on January 23rd), entitled ‘Seance of Light’.

Following the release of the brilliant ‘The Heart’s Desire’ late last year, Jape has continued to build momentum as he prepares to release his new album The Chemical Sea.

Alluding to the cohesive, sonic nature and landscape that occupies his forthcoming record, ‘Seance of Light’ pulses with a vibrant electronic beat whilst moving through an expansive, vivid production that pops and clicks with various interweaving synth elements.

Coupled with ‘The Heart’s Desire’, Jape’s latest glimpse into The Chemical Sea definitely captures the cohesion that the artist spoke about in a recent interview (read here) with TLMT. “I wanted this album to sound coherent. I don’t think any Jape album has really been coherent so far…But with this record I wanted there to be a definite mood from start to finish.”

Click below to listen to ‘Seance of Light’, taken from Jape’s upcoming album The Chemical Sea.

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