Ham Sandwich – Apollo

Ham Sandwich have unveiled their music video for the group’s current single ‘Apollo’.

A slow-burning music video directed by BQ&Chrome containing some beautifully composed cinematography, the visuals for ‘Apollo’ move wide-open vistas to surrealist imagery driven forward by some deftly crafted prosthetics (Bobby McGlynn).

Using the serene, moody, large-scale scope of the video’s opening as a foundation to build from, the video suddenly and abruptly changes tone with an unexpected dance routine from the video’s central astronaut character, resulting in an engaging and fun twist in the tail.

Fitting the disco rhythms and weaving melodic production of Ham Sandwich’s latest material, the sci-fi aesthetic and isolated imagery of the video juxtaposes, while also capturing, the feel of ‘Apollo’ sonically.

Click above to watch Ham Sandwich’s new music video for their single ‘Apollo’. 

Starring: Peter McGlynn
Produced and Directed by BQ&Chrome (bqchrome@gmail.com)
Camera: Ray Sullivan (http://www.raysullivan.net/)
Prosthetics: Bobby McGlynn (http://bobmcglynn.tumblr.com/)
Visual effects: Ray Sullivan

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