Listen | The Last Mixed Tape’s End of Year playlist – 2014

2014 showcased the growing spectrum of influences, sounds, genres and music coming out of Ireland, with that in mind the Last Mixed Tape as put together it’s own playlist of some of the year’s best tracks. 

From promising demos, stellar stand alone singles and deep cuts from impressive new albums, the Last Mixed Tape’s first annual end of year playlist includes music from some of the most exciting acts working within the Irish music scene, such as: I Have A Tribe, September Girls, the Altered Hours, Princess, God Knows + mynameisjOhn, R.S.A.G, Spies, Daag Hur, Hilary Woods, Girl Band and more.

Click below to check out the Last Mixed Tape’s Endo of Year playlist 2014.

Track Listing:
Elastic Sleep – Leave You
The Altered Hours – Dig Early
September Girls – Black Oil
Hilary Woods – Flames
R.S.A.G – Don’t Move So Fast
God Knows + mynameisjOhn – Standard
The Hot Sprockets – Homeslice
I Have A Tribe – Yellow Raincoats
Little Xs For Eyes – Love Gets Lost
Carriages – Roots
Sleep Thieves – City of Hearts
Spies – Moosehead
Jet Setter – Dippin’ Toes
The Minutes – Supernatural
Paddy Hanna – On This Pier Too Long
Cave Ghosts – Come Into My World
Katie Kim – Really Far
Daag Hur – Hanging On The Sea
Dear Desert – Give It Up
Cloud Castle Lake – Sync
Slow Skies – Ice Fields
Cove – Love & Work
Spines – Bite Me
Princess – Neverlook
The Number Ones – Heartsmash
Sissy – Sail and Rail
Ships – Space Inside
Jape – The Heart’s Desire
Fight Like Apes – Crouching Bees
Blooms – If I
Buffalo Sunn – Ocean
Gangs – Daisy
Aoife Underwater – On The Cusp
Rebecca Collins – The Climb
Talos – Bloom
Silences – Sister Snow
Brigid Power-Ryce – I Told You The Truth
Half of Me – 99
Riot Tapes – Cardinal Rules
Propeller Palms – Look My Way
Shookrah – Woman
Meltybrains? – IV
The Eskies – Jesus Don’t Save Me
Pockets – Alone
Jennifer Evans – Colours of Bruises
Women’s Christmas – Chalklines
GMG – It’s Mine
Girl Band – Lawman
Columbia Mills – Never Gonna Look At You The Same
Youth Mass – Dream On
Bantum (feat. Eimear O’Donovan & Owensie) – Roll Pt. II
The Casanova Wave (feat. Biggles Flys Again) – New Sensation
Me and My Dog – Scenic Route
Oh Boland – Home Truths
The Revelator Orchestra – The Lost Alice
I Heart the Monster Hero – Send Good Vibes Only
Staring at Lakes – Consanguinea
Groom – Colours
Le Galaxie (feat. MayKay) – Carmen
Ham Sandwich – Illuminate
We Cut Corners – Best Friend
Death In The Sickroom – Tonight
Featuring X – Wild Love
Windings – Spiral Stairs
Wonder Villains – Marshall
The Hard Ground – Two By Two
Fox Jaw – Kerosene
The Vincent(s) – Throne Song
No Monster Club – Arms Across America
In The Willows – Sirens
Ballet School – Cherish
Sails – Lakes
Join Me In The Pines – Should Not Roam
Geppetto – Floating Statues
The Mighty Stef – The Nightwatchman of the Iveagh Flats
Wild Promises – Ballymore
Floor Staff – Gift Horse
Brian Casey – Believe
Otherkin – As A High
Liza Flume – Sleepless Nights
Ana Gog – A Short Walk
Kate’s Party – Hallenbad
So Cow – Barry Richardson
Cold Comfort – When Love Grew Wild

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