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Gross Net – Cassette

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Girl Names’s Philip Quinn and Christian Donaghey of Autumns collaborative record Gross Net a tonally dense and engaging piece of post-punk inflected experimentalism. 

Opening with the slow-moving groove of ‘Wrong Place Wrong Time’, Gross Net gradually introduce their more experimental inclinations overtime, blending them well into the alternative-rock soundscape of the track.

Where Cassette really commits fully to it’s crunching ragged abandon is with ‘Spiralling Down’. Owing more to the augmented vocal stylings of the Fall, the song takes risks and finds Gross Net fully exploring the dynamic edges of their sound.

Closing with the stark nihilism of ‘Die Kunst Der Blinden’, the tonal undercurrent that permeates the entire record is brought to the fore, and the over-arching close-quarters feel of Cassette maintains it’s grip on the record.

A record steeped in a sense of weighty claustrophobia, Cassette is an E.P. made from sparse tones and slow-burning washes of harmonic texture, undercut by sudden thrashes of sharp post-punk/noise-rock influenced guitar and steady down-beat rhythms.

Working to build harsh, uneasy moods and a defined, imposing sense of place Gross Net’s sound takes aspects of both artist’s previous/current work (with Girl Names and Autumns) and melds them into something new and distinctly different.

By no means an easy listen (indeed that seems to be the point of the record), Cassette is a challenging and manic E.P. that revels, and sometimes loses focus, in its experimental leanings. A very singular, hypnotic listening experience.

Rating: 8/10

Cassette by Gross Net is out on December 15th.

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