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Meltybrains? – IV

Meltybrains? have unveiled their new music video for their latest track, entitled ‘IV’.

Opening with slow-moving, black and white shot scenes set to the harmonic ambience of ‘IV’ the video begins with an eerie calm.

Containing some beautifully composed cinematography which uses angles and symmetry during the indoor scenes and great wide-open shots during the beach scenes, the video soon gives way to flourishes of colour and surrealist imagery.

Playing with the progressive electronic feel of Meltybrains? sound, the visuals give contrast to the subdued opening scenes with the video’s heavily effected, ethereal finale. Resulting in a suitably vivid and vibrant visual accompaniment to the group’s latest song ‘IV’.

Click above to watch the video for ‘IV’ by Meltybrains?.

Video by Kemperman and Freeney
With Matthew Malone

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