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The Last Mixed Tape’s Top 20 Music Videos of 2014

Stephen White

After a year brimming with creative, inventive and evocative visual accompaniments from Ireland’s bustling music video scene, the Last Mixed Tape counts down its Top 20 music videos of 2014.

20. Princess – Neverlook (Directed by: Kevin Freeney & Dan Finnegan)
A video that uses design and intently held camera work to create a highly stylised aesthetic, Freeney & Finnegan deliver a perfectly composed visual dimension to Princess’ jolting alternative-rock.

19. September Girls – Veneer (Directed by: Jessie Ward O’Sullivan)
Jessie Ward O’Sullivan’s VHS, lo-fi tinged video for ‘Veneer’ plays with overexposed black and white visuals that use stark contrasts to give an off-kilter feel to the uneasy symbolist imagery and powerful sound of September Girls latest single ‘Veneer’.

18. The Minutes – Cherry Bomb (Directed by: Philip Kelly)
Philip Kelly and his team create an engaging and fun visual translation of the Minutes stand-out single ‘Cherry Bomb’ dominated by Paul McLoone’s unmistakable on-screen presence.

17. Fight Like Apes – Crouching Bees (Directed by: Directed by Grey Sun)
Capturing the feel and mode of the single, Grey Sun’s direction and stylistic production values gives a palpable visual layer to soundscapes that form the core Fight Like Apes’ brilliant single ‘Crouching Bees’.

16. Gangs – Daisy (Directed by: Gansee Films)
Through an effectively set concept and stunningly produced overall aesthetic, Gansee films capture the essence of GANGS powerful and grounded sound. A brilliant merging of musical and visual styles.

15. Blooms – If I’ (Directed by: The Work Inc)
Capturing the enchanting, swaying feel of ‘If I’ The Work Inc succeed in delivering a music video that both compliments the Bloom’s music and expands upon it visually.

14. The Late David Turpin – The Hotel (Directed by: Killian Broderick & David Turpin)
Working as a stunningly composed accompaniment to the Late David Turpin’s brilliant single, the video for ‘The Hotel’ is uneasy, surreal and joyously individualistic mirroring the song itself and the track’s parent album We Belong Dead.

13. The Eskies – Lord Jesus Don’t Save Me (Directed by: David Keeling)
A video that bounds and bursts with all the up-tempo fun and vibrancy of the Eskies trad infused sound, David Keeling’s direction captures all of the energy you would come to expect from an Eskies videos.

12. I Have A Tribe – Yellow Raincoats (Directed by: Emma Nathan)
Containing several simply stunning moments of time-lapsed beauty and wide-open images that leave the indeterminacy of nature play itself out, Emma Nathan’s direction compliments the emotive weight and sonic splendour of ‘Yellow Raincoats’.

11. Cloud Castle Lake – Sync (Directed by: Eoin McLoughlin)
A simple idea brought to life with affecting visuals and fluid choreography, the immense harmonic nature of Cloud Castle Lake’s ‘Sync’ is stylishly realised by Eoin McLoughlin’s direction.

10. Participant – Shelter (Directed by Bob Gallagher)
A truly unique and perfectly conveyed concept Bob Gallagher’s endearing and emotionally raw video is a brilliant example of the creativity seen in many Irish music videos this year.

9. Sails – Lakes (Directed by: Stephen Patrick Allen)
A video about grandeur and scope, Stephen Patrick Allen’s far-reaching visuals give added depth to Sails beautifully produced sing;e ‘Lakes’.

8. I Draw Slow – Valentine (Directed by: Hugh O’Conor)
Stylistically shot, composed and acted (featuring a scene stealing Aidan Gillen) Hugh O’Conor’s interpretation of I Draw Slows’ scratching folk-tinged single encapsulates the subtlety of the music with well paced and time imagery.

7. MKAI – Waiting (Directed by: Brian Benjamin Dwyer)
Capturing some strong central performance from Miranda MacLetten, coupled with Dwyer’s stylish direction and MKAI’ single ‘Waiting’ the video is a perfect mirror to the evocative indie-folk sound of the Cork band’s music.

6. Swords – Hips (Directed by: Neil Hoare)
A brilliant collaboration of band and director, the video for ‘Hips’ accentuates both Swords music and Neil Hoare’s distinctive visual style.

5. Wyvern Lingo – Snow (Directed by: Caoimhe Barry)
Bursting with creativity and charm the video for ‘Snow’, with its gorgeous hand-crafted animation, captures the ethereal sound of Wyvern Lingo’s music perfectly.

4. Jennifer Evans – Colours of Bruises (Directed by: Jennifer Evans)
A beautifully designed and shot video, ‘Colour of Bruises’ fixates on restriction of movement and entanglement through Evans & Emily Aoibheann intricately performed aerial acrobatics.

3. Talos – Bloom (Directed/Edited by: Brendan Canty and Conal Thomson: Feel Good Lost)
Imbued with Feel Good Lost’s dramatic, stylised visuals and their ability to create an engrossing narrative within the short running time of the music video medium. Feel Good Lost’s video for ‘Bloom’ is as visually stunning as you would expect.

2. Join Me In The Pines – Should Not Roam (Directed by Laura Sheeran)
Cast in a breath-taking locale, captured by astounding direction and centred around an almost hypnotic performance from Stephanie Dufresne, the video for ‘Should Not Roam’ is a shining example of how music video’s can be an organic artistic extension of the sound they are portraying and not just a necessary after thought.

1. Jape – The Heart’s Desire (Directed by Conor Finnegan)
The Last Mixed Tape’s music video of the year ‘The Heart’s Desire’ is a big, bold vivid video brimming with colour and invention, culminating in the perfect visual representation of the vibrant electronic sound of Jape’s comeback single.

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