Listen | The Last Mixed Tape’s November playlist

A new feature to the Last Mixed Tape, here we look back at some of the stand-out tracks released or reviewed on T.L.M.T this November.

November 2014 proved to be a busy month on the Irish music scene. With 2014 nearing it’s end the past month has seen some gripping new E.P’s and stand alone singles come out, including the return of September Girls with Veneer and Katie Kim with her new song ‘Really Far’.

Also featuring in the November edition of T.L.M.T’s monthly playlist are: Hilary Woods, Blooms, Daäg Hur, Printer Clips, Meltybrains?, Dear Desert, Aoife Underwater and more.

Listen to the The Last Mixed Tape’s November playlist below.

Track Listing:
1. Katie Kim – Really Far
2. Hilary Woods – Secret Sabbath
3. Daäg Hur – Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow
4. September Girls – Black Oil
5. Spines – Bite Me
6. Elastic Sleep – Slip
7. Meltybrains? – IV
8. Blooms – Guilty
9. Paul Cleary – I Still Believe
10.Printer Clips – Hole In Her Heart
11.The Eskies – Jesus Don’t Save Me
12.Brian Casey – Believe
13.Aoife Underwater – On The Cusp of Nothing
14.Dear Desert – Supernatural Love
15.Pockets – Alone
16.Acrobat – The Missing
17.Jennifer Evans – Colours of Bruises

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